18 October 2015

Invisible- Book Review

 by James Patterson & David Ellis

When it comes to crime I am definitely the most picky one out there. Despite my absolute over excitement to read a piece of thrilling mysteries and rather certain blood baths, it is quite a challenge for an author to really draw me in. And since previously Patterson did quite well on this task, it was not inappropriate at all to take a novel filled with brutal murders, raging fires and quite graphic descriptions on a peaceful ''by the lake'' vacation (yes, that's how long I've been procrastinating this post!)

Publisher: Arrow Books
Publication date: 2014
No. of pages: 468
Genre: Crime, thriller, mystery
Main Character: Emmy Dockery- FBI researcher 
Setting: All over USA
Recommendation: Women, aged 25 +
Cover Rate: 4/10
Story Rate: 6/10

Emmy Dockery, a workaholic FBI researcher, has for the passed year been obsessed in one particular subject; the connection between her sister's death and dozens of other ''accidental'' fires happening all over the US. Everyone thinks she's crazy, and her suspense from work doesn't exactly help in proving her point. A serial killer is out there, carefully choosing his next victims, victims that have things in common and Emmy is the only one who spots the pattern. It's just the matter of convincing her colleagues to search down the bad guy, but how can she when non of them believe her?

In certain cases of my novel lists it's quite impossible to state why I liked a certain lecture. Some just seem to drag me in naturally, as if they exist out there for this purpose only. Of course I could ramble on about the amazing techniques, that make reading a hell lot easier; super short chapters, brilliant writing skills and ability to make any fiction become a reality. All which are an obvious characteristic and recognition sign to Patterson's works.

But what really made my enthusiasm and enjoyment to grow, was the fact that Invisible not only gave the perspective of the ''good guys'' chasing a person who's portrayed as evil since the blurb, but also the mischievous mind of the killer itself, really making the entire plot come to life. 

For the first time, not only have the characters find themselves tricked and played-on. It would be fair enough to say the reader is technically lied to throughout the whole book and once the last pages start to turn themselves, the Oh My Gods just flow out for endless hours. Of course I felt like a damn proud FBI worker when I figured what was going on before anyone else. Obviously, this reaction was intended, and certain details have been put in for the purpose of the readers' excitement of the discovery, but let's face it, this is the part why we love crime. 

One that always chops of my head and flushes remains down the drain before I even begin reading is the use of present tense. I don't think I'll ever stress out enough on how much I hate this style of writing. Whilst reading, I really do love to feel as a psychologist, listening to the problem my patient has been through and his amazing story that happened in the past. Reading books set in present gives more of the''I'm in a mental house, my dinner buddy is talking to herself pretending she's out and free'' feeling, if you get what I mean.

The story has also been really 'only-one- problem' centered. I haven't really found another issue develop in the middle, it was just based on who the killer is through the whole script. Even though I liked to see into the real side of work at the FBI, I feel like there might have been a bit too much focus on that aspect. The book, in my opinion, would have benefited a lot from having more ''out off office and non police talk'' chapters. 
I won't lie, it really was a self page turner. It drew me in, I felt some kind of connection with the characters and definitely was a nice thing to spend time on during boating. It's a good crime novel, with realistic plot and interesting story line, one worth reading. 

I would not re-read it, I would not think about what happens next before going to bed and I've clearly not grew some deep, long-lasting affection to it. However, as a one night stand it is definitely recommendable and a simple piece of some damn good thriller. 

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