28 October 2015

Most Beloved Autumnal/Winter Vitals

Hello peeps,
It's almost November and I can't get over the fact it's getting so chilly outside! Yeep, I love winter, more than summer if  I'm being totally honest and layering up and staying in at home doesn't bother me at all. It is also this time of the year when my ''favourites'' take a big spin round from iced coffees to hot cocoa and it was just about time to share my ultimate necessities and things I'm just too obsessed with at the moment. Take a peak;

I can't exactly explain why, but the most appropriate book I thought would suit this season is no other than Harry Potter. I'm already on The Goblet of Fire and hope to finish the series before Christmas- the love struggle is real people.

Perfect outfit? Sweater, bright chimney scarf and dark booties (Oh and I obviously do wear bottoms as well, don't think I go around bare leg!)

Pistachios, pumpkins and oranges kind of took over my ideal snack understanding... perhaps entire meals, but I can't help it, it's Halloween!

With super frost came a super dry skin and I really love using pure almond oil for that issue. My favourite nail colour at the moment is this Tidal Wave blue, Sally Hansen gel nail polish and non of my meals do ever really go without a sprinkle of allspice :P

Let me know your current essentials down in the comments and have a super nice day! :)



  1. "Harry Potter i Czara Ognia" - czytasz to jednak po polsku? Ja chyba też tak zrobię, choć dostałam całą serię po angielsku, kiedy obiecałam, że wszystko przeczytam. :-)

    1. Tak, miałam 1-5 części w domu od dobrych paru lat ponieważ moja mama kiedyś je czytała. Dopiero niedawno się za nie zabrałam i bardzo fajnie się czyta więc 6 i 7 też kupiłam po polsku :)


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