24 October 2015

Mid Season Downtown Shopping

Hello peeps :)
Today I wanted to share a teeny weeny shopping spree I did a week ago. Along with my BFF we agreed mid October was the perfect time to travel 40 minutes down to a bit bigger town and have a total girls day out, shopping around just for fun! Here's a peak of what I bought ^-^

Booties: New Look (40euro)
Shampoo: OGX- coconut water for weightless hydration (Boots approx 8euro)
Mascara: Benefit roller lash, travel size (Boots 12euro)
Hand sanitizing gel: Soap&Glory hand maid (Boots approx 1.50)

The Roller Lash was something I wanted to purchase for way too long and was so glad Boots had them in a mini size for 1/2 of the original price! 
Hand Maid gel is a must if you're still attending school or travelling the train daily, and its scent is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g, unlike all other antibacterial products. 
I haven't tried the OGX shampoos before and since everyone is raving about them (and they were on sale) I obviously grabbed one.

 I'm in love with ankle height booties since last fall and adding another pair to my collection wasn't that much of a surprise. I haven't thought I'll ever fall in love with this exact colour but they are just so beautiful and comfy!

And now that almost all my saving are spent and new purchases were made, I can honestly say I'm satisfied for the next two months.

Anyone else on their mid-term break? It's so good to be able to sleep in for the next week ahead.... I can really feel the winter coming now ^^



  1. Love the boots !! <3
    I'm on my mid-term break too :) unfortunetly I have to wake up at the same time, that I would when I go to school :(
    BTW big thanks for following me on bloglovin :)


  2. Thank you! They were a total impulse buy but I don't regret any money spent :D
    And you're very welcome, you're blog looks so cool and I know I'll enjoy reading it :)

    1. I enjoy reading yours too, I'm definetly going to spend my evening catching up on you older posts :)


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